Organizational Performance

Organizational Performance

Organizational performance management is so much more than the end of the year appraisal…it’s about translating goals into results. It is a comprehensive evaluation of not just are you doing things right, but whether you are doing the right things.

Organizational performance management focuses on individual employees, as well as on teams, programs, processes, and the organization as a whole.

We offer comprehensive consulting to determine the best organizational strategies, analyze current efforts against those benchmarks, and update workforce strategies to improve organizational performance and drive mission accomplishment in a manner consistent with applicable law.

Phase 1: ANCHOR

Strategically planning and measuring organizational performance is critical in the management of any organization. Changing and significantly increasing demands for programs, products, and services demand greater accountability and governance for peak organizational performance.

We will help your organization determine if it is “anchored in the right spot,” and doing the right things, in a manner consistent with applicable law.

Our consultants can help:
  • Refine your organization’s core purpose and strategic priorities
  • Determine which priorities are enduring or short-term
  • Identify and validate key performance indicators that demonstrate to your key stakeholders how well your organization is achieving its mission and strategic priorities
  • Forecast internal and external environmental factors impacting the organization
Efforts will result in outcomes such as:
  • A refined mission and vision
  • More defined goals and strategic outcomes
  • Strategic priorities aligned to organizational mandates and stakeholder needs
  • Results-oriented measures used to inform budgets, staffing and workforce plans, performance plans, and other operational plans
  • Key performance indicators that demonstrate organizational success in achieving the priorities


Once your organization has refined its core purpose and key strategic priorities, it is time to determine how well your organization is positioned to fulfill that purpose and maintain focus on those priorities. Often this is either enhancing or completely adjusting current organizational processes or structure.
We will help your organization determine if it is doing things right.

Our consultants can help:
  • Identify how well the organization is performing against key performance indicators and stated outcomes
  • Determine how and where the workforce is spending its time
  • Determine how much of that time or budget is aligned or misaligned to strategic priorities
  • Evaluate the gap from where your workforce is today and where it needs to be
Efforts will result in outcomes such as:
  • An evaluation of organizational success in meeting program outcomes
  • A comprehensive analysis on where time is spent in the organization from different critical perspectives (i.e., by function, budget, priorities, office, division, job series, etc.)
  • Recommendations to improve the structure, positions, and organizational activities
  • Workforce and/or business process improvement plans that close performance gaps and create greater efficiencies
  • Strategies to correct organizational misalignment


After identifying where your workforce is today, the next step is to make the changes necessary to successfully operate in your optimal state.
We help your organization close the gaps identified in the “Anchor” and “Determine” phases.

Our consultants can help:
  • Determine which tools, processes, and trainings are needed to achieve full organizational alignment
  • Provide consultation, guidance, and support services related to position classification, assessment and evaluation, staffing, workforce reshaping, succession planning, and performance management
Efforts will result in outcomes such as:
  • New organization structure(s)
  • Updated or new position descriptions
  • Updated or new performance appraisal plans
  • Strategies for successful succession planning
  • Strategies for effective recruitment and hiring
  • Employee development strategies
  • Retention management strategies
  • Measurement strategies aligned with the organization’s goals
  • Change management strategies for successful implementation

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