Human Capital Management (COE)

Human Capital Management (COE)

While visiting a hotel you tend to observe the front-line employees who have a significant impact on how Guests feel about the hotel, however, if you also look at other areas – from housecleaning, morning breakfast operations, snags encountered at the front-desk while settling bills, or simply observing the smiles in people eyes at the main porch of a Hotel. It becomes quite apparent that leadership, engagement, and training at the floor level, significantly impacts the workplace culture positively or negatively.

Increasingly, employers in the hospitality sector are recognizing the importance of, and challenges associated with, attracting and retaining good workers and are placing human resources issues at the top of their priority list.

Business success can never be achieved by just one person; it takes a team – and the right team – for you and your business. So how do you find, attract, and keep the right people to work for you and your business? You do this by putting employees first. Some of the overall benefits of good human resources (HR) practices include higher employee satisfaction, lower staff turnover, superior customer service, and of course, increased profitability. In short, A human resource department’s main goal is to implement a variety of functions that are strategically designed to both attract and maintain an effective workforce.

In our specially created Centre of Excellence (COE) for Human Resource management policies, having worked for organizations with exemplary processes, with ‘best employers in Industry’ work practices and programs for employees, we will tailor-make employee codes for your organization small or large, to enable your employees to add value, by boosting productivity, making money, saving money, being proactive and going that extra mile and in return adding value!

  • Organization re-structure
  • Learning & Development
  • Efficient Manpower Planning
  • Identifying Talent & Acquisition
  • Retaining and maximising Economic Value
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR BPO Solutions

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