Hospitality Sales & Marketing

Hospitality Sales & Marketing

No matter what type of business you own, to make it successful, you require an effective marketing strategy. Because, in this highly competitive market, getting fit is not enough. You have to stand out! In present times, it is the Sales and Marketing function in Hotels, which needs to be adapting fast to changing trends and matching customer demand in terms of its offering. We appreciate the fact that its Sales & Marketing function of the hotel which brings the business at the top of the line. However, it will have to be a comprehensive approach.

We evaluate the strength and opportunities, threats facing the business, and present plans which are pro-active, adaptive to changing demand and competition trends.

An asset class with a perceived product & service must be presented to its target audience as per a positioning statement, reach out across all channels on all platforms, with promotional offers which are awe-inspiring enabling action to buy, with a sustained marketing campaign to enable a repeat visit.

There are many areas in a hospitality institution that require sales and marketing support. Let’s have a look at some of them-

A Deep Research – There are various reasons why a customer chooses a certain hotel over others, including location, perks, and facilities. Companies should make sure they offer what customers are looking for. The role of sales and marketing support is to carry out deep research and determine what factors induce customers to choose a hotel and then work towards making the hotel stand out among others.

Creating The Buzz- It is important to let customers know about your services and facilities in order for them to avail it and get excited about it. The marketing support team can help spread awareness about the services your hotel offers so that your offers can remain up-to-the-date, and more and more customers get induced by them.

Rewards And Promotions – Promotion is another smart strategy that a marketing and sales department uses to attract customers, especially when the business is running slower. Many hotels use promotions during certain times of the year. Offering incentives and other kinds of rewards help attract customers to a great extent.

Customer Relations – Maintaining a good relationship with the customers is important for a high level of repeat business. Repeat customers are a stable revenue base, and this is why loyalty programs are developed by the marketing team of the hospitality sector. Loyalty programs can be of different types, depending on your specific needs and expectations.

The benefits of sales and marketing support cannot be underestimated

  • Brand Positioning
  • PR & Communication
  • E-Marketing and Distribution
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales Processes & Promotions
  • Social Media Strategy and Management

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