Hospitality & Realty Management and Operations

Hospitality & Realty Management and Operations

Excellence Target is a leading Hospitality & Realty Management and Operations consulting company marked by dynamism and constant innovation and specializes in providing services to the hospitality and tourism industry with solutions geared to operate and manage your assets.

Our experienced team at Excellence Target offers hospitality-related concepts, efficiencies, and performances, whilst providing practical and simplistic strategies, solutions, and services that focus on Revenue Generation and Profitability for our clients.

The Art & Science of Hospitality is our core competence, having operated some landmark hotels across Asia (South East Asia, South Asia and now the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey) in senior roles for Luxury Brands, across various Hotel types; including City Hotels, Apartments/Service Residences, Beach and Nature reserves, even a tented Wildlife safari camp.

Our clients from varied sizes and from different countries have given us the experience to provide our clients with our flagship service that compliments the exhaustive knowledge and daily pressures of operating hotels and realty.

Our team has the right experience to present a creative and personalized approach whilst tackling a situation particular to the asset at that point in time; along with offering the most analytical, logical, and precise advice while dealing with the operations task or challenge.

With a Hoteliers DNA, our close involvement while running and operating your asset (Hotel and Restaurant or commercial/residential property), will allow us to manage all related processes involved, including catering, procurement, facilities management, etc, which eventually all transform into improved profitability and continued success of the asset for you.

Our Area of expertise include

  • Hospitality Operations
  • Guest Engagement & Satisfaction
  • Operations Audits & Cost Controls
  • Mystery Shopping & Quality Assurance
  • Property Management

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